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The Spirit of Monozukuri



From November 1st - November 4th, join the Petersen Automotive Museum as we celebrate the spirit of monozukuri with a three day long celebration and a very special “Twilight Festival” that correlates with culture day in Japan.

Whether utilizing monozukuri on the manufacturing floor or in a small pottery studio, the spirit of monozukuri weaves its way through much of Japanese craftsmanship and art.  The Petersen Automotive Museum is hosting “The Spirit of Monozukuri” in celebration of and in conjunction with The Roots of Monozukuri, an exhibit which examines the unique characteristics of lean manufacturing in an automotive context. We will feature various artisans, craftsmen, and performers to share how each industry utilizes monozukuri in the pursuit of their art.

“The Spirit of Monozukuri” will take place on the first weekend of November in correlation with Culture Day in Japan on November 3. The festival as a whole will span 3 days during museum hours, and our featured event “The Spirit of Monozukuri: Twilight Festival” will be held after-hours on Saturday, November 3. Each day we will have a craft in our Discovery Center, and in the evenings we will feature an extended demonstration in our Meyer Gallery so guests can experience “The Spirit of Monozukuri” surrounded by the beautiful vehicles highlighted in The Roots of Monozukuri. Over the course of the festival, there will be an artist showcase display on our Rob and Melani Walton second floor comprised of various forms of artistic products exemplifying monozukuri. On November 3, the artists themselves will attend, demonstrate, and showcase the spirit of monozukuri in their items during the Twilight Festival.

Friday, November 2

  • 11am - Large Scale Calligraphy Art

  • 4pm - Iaido and Kendo Demonstration

Saturday, November 3

  • 6pm - The Spirit of Monozukuri: Twilight Festival

    • 6pm - Singing Bowl Meditation

    • 6:30pm - Taiko Drum Performance

    • 7pm - Interactive Artist Showcase

Sunday, November 4

  • 2pm - Nihon Buyo Japanese Dance

Featured Artists

Bonsai Robert Pressler • Calligraphy Kuni Yoshida • Iaido and Kendo • Ikebana Sherrie Lin and students • Kimono Sueko Oshimoto and Kentaro Terra • Karakuri Bradley Tompkins • Koto Harp Saeko Kujiraoka • Nihon Buyo Japanese Dance Fujima Seiyumi Kai • Origami Naveen Rutgers, Joel Stern, and Jared Needle • Pottery/Ceramics The California Japanese Ceramic Arts Guild • Sumi Ink Art Yoshio Ikezaki • Singing Bowl Meditation Yuki Uwasawa • Taiko Drum Yuujou Daiko

Those wishing to attend museum hour events Friday - Sunday, purchase general admission tickets.

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