Auto-Didactic: The Juxtapoz School



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Prior to the introduction of Juxtapoz Magazine, artists working within a variety of genres outside of the mainstream tastes of the fine art world were often marginalized by reigning cultural institutions, if not completely ignored. Identifying as “lowbrow,” artists in this loosely-defined group used figural representation and fine technical skill during the reigning period of gestural and abstract art. Their work often addressed popular themes considered unacceptable in fine art circles, such as hotrods, comic books, psychedelic posters, surfing, skateboarding, and B-movie monsters. It was not until the seminal exhibit Kustom Kulture: Von Dutch, Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, Robert Williams & Others, held at the Laguna Art Museum in 1993, that the relative interests of artists and collectors were presented as   group, which provided a catalyst for the emergence of Juxtapoz, published through the collaborative efforts of Robert Williams, Suzanne Williams, Craig Stecyk and Greg Escalante.


Kevin Ancell - Kim Deitch - Art Chantry - Mark Ryden - Pete Millar - Suzanne Williams - Mister Cartoon - The Pizz - Gary Panter - Ed “Big Daddy” Roth - Nicola Verlato - Anthony Ausgang - Marc D’Estout - Patricia Piccinini - Robert Crumb - Ed Newton - Chet Zar - R.K. Sloane - Sandow Birk - Von Dutch - Spain Rodriguez - Ron English - Rick Griffin - Todd Schorr - Laurie Lipton - Niagara - Frank Kozik - Shepard Fairey - Victor Moscoso - Eric White - Jeremy Fish - Shag - Stanley Mouse - Sara Ray - Rick Rietveld - Jeff Wasserman - Mr. G - Kenny Scharf - Paul Frank - Keith Weesner - Makoto - Robert Williams - Estevan Oriol - Gilbert Shelton - Basil Wolverton - Chaz Bojorquez - Damian Fulton - S. Clay Wilson - Coop - Jean Jacques Bastarache - Von Franco