Field trips are an important part of creating educational experiences that benefit students of all learning styles and abilities. Research has shown that field trips improve chances for academic success and help students develop skill sets, including critical thinking and problem solving. Here at the Petersen Automotive Museum, your classroom curriculum will be enriched through our hands-on experiences, our inquiry-based tours and our design-based activities that not only turn abstract concepts into real world applications, but also align with California curriculum standards. A field trip at the Petersen can increase students’ technological literacy through our gallery screen content, interactive games and demonstrations. The Petersen offers four tours as well as self-guided activities to strengthen your students’ educational experiences.

With a Petersen Automotive Museum field trip, students will:

  • Deepen their knowledge of and connection to California curriculum standards in Science (Next Generation Science Standards), Social Science, History, Visual Arts, Technology/Engineering, and English Language Arts

  • Explore the history of Los Angeles through the lens of the city’s diverse automotive history

  • Become curious about technology innovations and car mechanics

  • Learn the science behind mechanical processes we take for granted

  • Critically engage with the history and environmental and social impacts of the automobile

  • Learn how transportation technology affects society and our lives

  • Be encouraged to explore historic moments from multiple perspectives

  • Describe what cars mean to them and to their communities

  • Design investigations to research a scientific problem

  • Learn to think like automotive designers and identify and solve design problems

  • Become inspired to imagine cars and cities in new ways

To apply for a field trip to the Petersen, please contact



Beyond school field trips, the Petersen offers a variety of onsite activities and learning opportunities available to educate young visitors about the history and the future of the automobile and the math, science, and artistry behind cars.

Youth Workshops
Learn about the physics and mechanics of automobiles, as well as the design process in hands-on workshops.

Discovery Center Activities
Craft activities take place every weekend in the Rob and Melani Walton Discovery Center.

Book readings, youth exhibit walkthroughs, and talks engineered for a younger audience occur throughout the year.