Thomas Voehringer, Archivist for TEN: Publishing 

Thomas became familiar with the Petersen Publishing Company (PPC) after moving to California from New Jersey. He first worked as a freelance graphic designer for the subscription department and was hired on-staff in 1991. His range of previous design experience as well as broad subject matter knowledge quickly landed him positions throughout the stable of PPC titles, working on over a dozen different magazines, including 11 years at Motor Trend as the original Art Director for Truck Trend Magazine.

After a brief time away from the company, Thomas returned and accepted the position of Archivisit for the Petersen Photo Archive and Research Library, which had been without oversight for the previous 15 years. Not until a partnership with three interested parties: SEMA, TEN and the Petersen Automotive Museum (PAM) did a larger digitization effort began - encompassing 1 million images across the remaining years of the Archive's existence, from 1968 through 1997. Thomas is responsible for the continued organization effort there, working closely with PAM staff as well as answering daily inquiries regarding the availability of images and content from this important cultural collection. 


Laura Fisher, Petersen Automotive Museum Archivist and Digitization Project Lead

Laura started her career in public history as an archaeologist and historian. She completed her undergraduate at Cal Poly Pomona and received her master's in history from Cal State Northridge. Having participated in nearly every aspect of public history, from excavation to curation, Laura tries to use her varied experience to serve the museum community. As the archivist for the Petersen Automotive Museum, Laura described her job as, "Taking care of everything that is not a car," and acts as a conservator, librarian, archivist and special collections caretaker for the Petersen. As a passionate public historian, Laura advocates for increased public accessibility to history, and support museums as a tool for social bonding and an expression of community identity.



Kristin Feay, Senior Metadata Technician

Kristin Feay received her BA in history with a minor in art history from California State University Northridge (CSUN) in 2016. She is currently pursuing an MA in history from CSUN. Kristin pursued her interest in cars and car culture at the Petersen Automotive Museum. She began work at the Museum as an intern in 2015 and became a Library Aide at the Museum in 2016. As an aide, she designed the metadata grammar and was involved in the early planing of the DAM System for the TEN Archive. She continues this work as a Senior Metadata Technician at the Museum.





The IT Project Engineers (From Left to Right) 

Mark Mangoba, IT Consultant

Mark is a Chicago, IL native. He attended DePaul University, Chicago, IL and the University of Hertfordshire in the UK, post-grad certificate in Computer Science. Mark is a contributor to multiple open source, .edu, .gov and non-profit communities. Mark’s experience includes working for Caltech, Stanford, Python Software Foundation, Drupal Association and the University of California, Los Angeles. Mark joined the Petersen in 2015 in time for the grand re-opening. Mark is an automobile/motorcycle and tech enthusiast.

Alperen Guman, Software Engineer

Alperen is originally from Istanbul, Turkey. He majored in Film at NYU and is currently attending UCLA with a focus in Computer Sciences. Alp Joined the Petersen in 2016 as a volunteer and helped the curatorial department create one of the very first museum digital archives. He then joined the IT Department and has continued to assist the museum in Software/Systems and IoT related projects.

Alex Rosales, Director of Technology

Alex is a native local from Long Beach, CA. Where he attended DeVry University and Majored with a BS in Network Communications Management. He started his career supporting museums at the UCLA Hammer Museum. In 2015 he moved over to the Petersen in time for its grand re-opening. Alex is a Motorcycle enthusiast and even had his 2001 Indian Chief Centennial up on display for the Harley VS Indian Exhibit in 2017-2018.