No matter the size, charitable contributions play an essential role in promoting the values, ideas, and institutions that make a difference in our communities and around the globe. We thank the many members and friends who support the Petersen Automotive Museum throughout the year, and invite you to join them by making a gift today.

Please consider that a donation of just $25 can create experiences that measurably improve academic and personal outcomes for children, especially at-risk youth.  It creates dialogue and change in the automotive future and positively affects the mental and physical health of senior citizens, veterans and other members of our shared community. 

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We appreciate all donation inquiries and are happy to help with your philanthropic wishes. 

  • For vehicle donations, please call (323) 964-6396.

  • For artifacts and automobilia donations, please call (323) 964-6379.

  • For all monetary donations, please call (323) 964-6353.